Since 2016, FilsGame™ has passionately pushed the boundaries of the online gaming industry, creating new standards of fun and new gaming pleasure, paying attention both to players by making their standards more and more preformed and to managers by providing them with simple and immediately productive solutions.

From the revolutionary math based on different sync-rnds, to the amazing dedicated graphics created by our designers, FilsGame™ is proud to develop fun content for all platforms, with particular attention to countries where internet bandwidth is not particularly high performing, so that all our products maximize the experience for gamers all over the world.


We have hundreds of game ideas waiting to be transformed to concepts. Sometimes the transition is smooth and sometimes we get stuck. Our experience is that the best game concepts have a strong game model and an inspiring theme that fits well together.


We love crisp art and we have the highest ambition when it comes to the graphical dimension of developing casino games. Being a mobile first studio it also requires a tight communication between our artists and developers to get the most out of our assets.


The maths model is really where the game is defined. We work with statistical modelling, cloud based computing and big databases to develop, refine and verify our game models.


We are a leading provider of premium gaming solutions to the world’s most successful online casino operators. Players’ favorite mobile live casino. Our videoslot boasts the best mobile UX/UI available, a complete range of games on mobile, and a digital experience that’s a cut above the rest. Give your players the ultimate gaming experience with our thrilling games. Deliver a completely customized Live Casino experience tailored to different player profiles on mobile and desktop. Gain a competitive advantage and reach new audiences with our well-known global entertainment brands. Our sophisticated Back Office is rich with features and makes casino management easy.


We are a software provider and researchers in the field of customized solutions. Experts in reverse engineering in order to replicate existing situations and then design improvements to them. We offer a full range of services, such as advanced statistical analysis and specialized facilities with all the guarantees of independent certifiers. The online system can be provided either as a component that can be integrated on a provider, or as an independent system, complete with a pharm iso 27001 cloud server. Our Mission: To provide our operators with high quality and original video slots produced with the latest technology that players love to play.


Fils|Game.com™ is one of the world’s leading online gaming software suppliers. The software offers more than 100 slot games that are tailored for every individual customer. At FilsGame™ casinos you can play the world’s most popular slots. Play FilsGame™ Slots instantly from your PC or Mac, or mobile directly. This software is compatible with all mobile devices! Play FilsGame™ slots on your iPad, iPhone, an Android smartphone or Android-powered tablet device. From a simple idea from our customers, we are able to generate bespoke video slots, on their speciche, including sounds, rng, animations and more. The FilsGame™ graphic team will create bespoke storyboards with the ideas provided by the client, and if necessary we can create plays on famous characters, cartoons, comics, or television series and movies, respecting the copyright and law obligations.


Complete management of the interfaces to the management in asynchronous Database doubled one in writing (strongly specialized to do only that) in order not to have delays or decays on the players. And one that lives synchronously to the last closed game session, strongly specialized in Query reading and data analysis, where will insist CRM-BACKOFFICE-DASHBOARD Complete management of:
■Tournaments with Functionality: "Virtual-Cash"
■Creation, Management and Closing Phase
■Pay Per Bonus
■Game In Game
■Level Bonuses
■Personal events for customers (birthday bonuses and others)
■Events for significant dates (e.g. Valentine's Day bonus)
■Battle Slot Events (FilsGame™)
■One-off programming events
■Cash Sharing with Slot Providers


The series of video slots of this type, are exclusive FilsGame™ products, designed to bring the player to get the most fun and excitement from the set of products. They are composed of two video slots with 5 reels and 10 lines, which share the center reel, the left video slot has 10 lines that reward from left to right, the right video slot is identical but mirrored, rewarding from right to left. inspired by the most current themes, with a high payout ratio, designed to attract younger and non regular players to the casino. The uniqueness of the product is that you can play alone (on the left or right side indifferently) or against an opponent, who will occupy the free side of the slot, in this case however, during the spin, you enter [Competition←→Mode] so that the winnings of each player are assigned to which of the two makes the highest winning combination.

■The player, when opening the video slot, can either "sit" in a free seat, or challenge some player online who is playing, simply by selecting the playing seat.
■ Once the slot is opened, the two players will be faced with a situation similar to the one shown below. In the shadow indicates inactive players, while if there are two players, the whole screen is activated.
■The middle reel represents reel #5 for both, when one of the two players gets the [Competition←→Mode] symbol, the "battle" mode between the two players for a certain number of spin is activated.
■During this phase of the game, all winnings will go, from time to time, to the player who gets the higher winnings. Further details of behavior are then specified in the technical analysis documentation of the product.