Operators are often constraint into platforms pre programmed without any flexibility in terms of offer differentiation. This makes the global offer and even more the jurisdictional market offer completely flat without any possibility for casino operators to stand out VS their direct competitors. On the economic side this results into high costs, revenue shares to pay to software providers and content aggregators for the same poor service.


­· Modular development

­· Low performance requirement

­· High performance

­· Single treads for each game. This allows the reinitialization on the single item without the need to block the service

­· Multi-currency management

­· Multilingual management

­· Cryptocurrency management

­· 3 RNG with a warm-up technology

­· Single management for both server and cloud server mode

The platform is complete with back office and a real-time analysis and dashboard tool with the ability to manage each operator and third party independently. Through the affiliate section it is possible to manage product promotions and commercials.

The platform can be recertified in all major regulated jurisdictions and is already tested by leading market operators who use the product both to aggregate third party’s content and to serve their own products.


­· Live games

­· Multi player

­· Sport

­· Casino (table games and slots)

­· Drive cross-sell activity between products and channels such as mini-games and game in game.

­· Instant and Social Game

­It can be integrated with the main and secure integration protocols.